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Santa Fe Renegade
(Gradell's Vigilante x Sable N' Mink)

A Once in a Lifetime Horse

In Santa Fe Renegade's short show career he won 6 World Champion Western Pleasure Titles from the age of 3 through his 6 yr old year. Having set the bar in World Wins he retired on his laurels. His career did not end there. He became Eitan’s ultimate equine partner. The pair have entertained and held clinics all over the country. Their greatest and most magical moments occurred at the 2006 and 2010 World Equestrian Games. On the back side of Santa Fe’s limelight he suffered a horrific leg injury and survived two colic surgeries. When asked to go back to work he never held back, never said “no.” Santa Fe Renegade is a horse with a huge heart full of kindness. Not once did he enter an “in gate” whether it be a World Championship competition, to teach or to dazzle did he give less than 100%. He has entertained well over a 100,000 people in his lifetime bringing many to their feet with standing ovations. He is a horse Eitan could always count on to deliver no matter what the circumstance or the stress level. Santa Fe Renegade is a horse that horsemen dream about and we are blessed to have in our life. It is not what he has won or what he has accomplished that makes him so dear to us. It is the way he takes care of all those who grace his back, the way he nickers to Eitan when he comes into the barn and his consistent depth of character and honesty. It is not what he “gets” but what he “gives” that makes him a great, great horse.
Thank you Santa Fe for bringing such joy to our lives and to so many others.

8 and Deb

Santa Fe Renegade’s World Wins

2001 World Champion Western Pleasure 3 yr. Olds
2001 World Champion Western Pleasure 3 yr. Old Futurity

2002 World Champion Western Pleasure 4 yr. Olds
2002 World Champion Western Pleasure

2003 World Champion Western Pleasure
2005 World Champion Western Pleasure

*All Unanimous Wins

Sire of Regional, National and World Champions in the Hunt and Western Divisions.


Santa Fe Renegade Number One Western Pleasure Sire

Saddle Horse Report’s

Annual Morgan Breeders’ Report

Santa Fe Renegade is named the nation’s leading Western Pleasure Sire for 2011 in both the Open and Jr. Morgan Horse Divisions.

Congratulations Santa Fe Renegade!

World Equestrian Games 2010 Kentucky

Click here to see Video of Santa Fe Renegade

Click Here to see video of Santa Fe Renegade at the World Equestrian Games

Santa Fe Renegade made his World Championship debut at Oklahoma City in October of 2001.   Talk of this young horse was on everyone's lips.   His beauty and talent left the audience breathless and eager for more of Santa Fe!!

Congratulations to Santa Fe's World National and Regional Champions.

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Photo credits Allison Wolff Photography, Howard Shatzburg and Melanie North



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