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Custom Made Cowboy Dressage Saddles and Tack


Designed by Eitan Especially For You.

Why Ride a Cowboy Dressage Saddle

The history of the western saddle is an American journey. I would  like to share with you the short version and how it relates to the Cowboy Dressage Saddles that we offer for sale.

The early western saddles were built with a deep centered seat with the fenders and stirrups under the rider’s hips allowing for the rider to be in better balance. With the popularity of the Rodeo in the 1950’s, the saddles began to change. You saw a flatter seat with a low cantle.  The fenders became thicker and were set more forward putting the rider in a chair position. The deep centered seat disappeared and the legs were placed in a forward position. This may have been good for calf roping and bull dogging but it did not allow for the rider’s proper position. This became the style of western saddles and seeped over into the show ring of today. With the advent of the closer contact reining and cutting saddles, the saddles did improve. The fenders being less bulky allowed for more leg movement. In some but not all the fender was set back a bit, a much needed improvement compared to the saddles of the 50th and in today’s show ring.

When designing these custom built Cowboy Dressage Saddles, we took all this into consideration. The saddles we built have a deeper seat by adding an extra inch to the height of the cantle. The fenders and stirrups are set well back under the rider’s seat putting them back in balance. The fenders are narrow allowing for more feel and freedom of movement. The saddles are a close contact with a 7/8 rigging so there is no bulk under the fender. The seat has a “narrow twist” which if you have ever ridden in one you will never want a saddle without it. These are simple things but they are very important and what can make the difference in a saddle that you can ride in for long rides on the trail or compete in Cowboy Dressage or pleasure classes. Like a horse, when the saddle is built to work with you and help you, it makes for a comfortable and effective ride. Your horse appreciates your improved balance and clearer cues. You appreciate the comfort and ease of riding it allows.

These saddles are reasonably priced. Watch for a new model in the near future. A rounded skirt with a bit of buckaroo styling.

Saddle Spec Choices:

  • 15-16 ½” seats available
  • Choice of leather oil. Medium to dark oil.
  • Choice of seat color
  • Choice of rough out, smooth leather or hard seat
  • Fenders measured to your leg length
  • 100% wool fleece
  • Narrow twist, close contact tree
  • 26 ½’ – 27” from front to back of saddle
  • Approx 32-33 lbs
  • 7” gullet

All Saddles Come With These Features

  • Wooden stirrups.
  • Narrow Fenders
  • Number one quality Herman Oak leather
  • Custom sterling Cowboy Dressage Conchos
  • Rear tie strings
  • Fenders set under the riders seat


  • The tree is a rawhide covered wood tree designed by Olin Young. Olin Young was a world champion roper in the 60’s and he first designed the “twist” in the bars of the tree to create the narrow twist. This narrow twist makes the saddle much more comfortable. It also helps the saddle lie flat. The front of the saddle is a bit more extended to also offer balance, support and fit.
  • The tree is a bit larger than full quarter horse bars.

Terms of Sale

  • All sales are final.
  • A $1000-$1500 deposit required depending on saddle maker and model. 
  • Allow 12-13 weeks for delivery

The Cheyenne

Kenda's Texas Saddles offers custom tree fittings for your horses' body type, personalized customization designed by you, and a hand carved ground seat made for a woman's seat bones.

Fit If it doesn’t, neither you nor your horse will be happy… Achieving it!

  • 100% Custom From the Bench made saddle tree to the finished product.
  • Measurements "We send you the easy to follow measuring kit and welcome packet."  (No need for us to be present.)
  • Pictures from various angles.
  • Assessment combining measurements with pictures, we complete an assessment of your horse’s specifics.
  • Saddle Tree 100% Bench Made saddle tree builds the foundation for your saddle.

Our time-tested process is proven to produce a saddle that frees-up your horse’s movements; enables lighter rider cues; resulting in maximized performance.

The price is reflected in the options the customer chooses.

Contact us today to learn how we can make your riding more enjoyable.
Rider + Custom Tailored Saddle + Horse + Training = Fluid Performance

To order, contact: Kenda's Texas Saddles and speak to Kenda, (817) 291-2829.

The Eitan

New for 2015. Cowboy Dressage Custom Saddle's presents the "Eitan" Cowboy Dressage Saddle. The "Eitan" has the same high end quality, tree and maker as the Compadre and Santa Fe models. This is a stunning saddle. Can't take your eyes off it and it rides as good as it looks.

$3700.00 ( includes shipping and ins)
To order, contact: Bonnie Glasgow, 214-707-1873

The Compadre

Medium Dark Oil Small Texas Rose Tooling with Rope Border, Camel Smooth Leather Seat.
$3300.00 ( includes shipping and ins)

To order, contact: Bonnie Glasgow, 214-707-1873
The Compadre The Compadre
The Compadre The Compadre
The Compadre The Compadre
The Compadre The Compadre

The Compadre II

Dark oil and ostrich seat. $4100 (includes shipping and ins)
To order, contact: Bonnie Glasgow, 214-707-1873

The Santa Fe

Medium Dark Oil, Entz Tooling, Rough-out seat
$3000.00 ( includes shipping and ins)

To order, contact: Bonnie Glasgow, 214-707-1873

The Santa Fe The Santa Fe
The Santa Fe The Santa Fe
The Santa Fe The Santa Fe
The Santa Fe The Santa Fe

Santa Fe in Dark Oil and Black Slick Seat

Cowboy Dressage Saddle by Dale Chavez of Chavez Saddles

The Cowboy Dressage Saddle by master saddle maker Dale Chavez of Temecula, CA. When Eitan and Garn Walker designed this saddle they had something very specific in mind. They were wanting something very western with an old California look to it. The Mother Hubbard skirt was just the right design to make this new Cowboy Dressage stand out as recognized model.

Each saddle is on a reining tree for closer contact with a narrow twist for more comfort. It is cut out under the top of the fender for closer contact with the rider's thighs. The fenders and stirrups are set well under the seat for proper leg placement and correct position of rider. The fenders move freely allowing for full use of the leg aids. The cantle sets just a bit higher allowing for a deeper more secure seat.

All saddles have custom made sterling Cowboy Dressage Logo Conchos. You have the option to have a corner Concho to match in the skirt if desired.
Matching bridles and breast collars can be designed and ordered.

There are a variety of options available. Please contact us at or 530-346-2715 for additional information or ordering.

Saddle as shown $4000 plus shipping and tax when applicable.

Matching brow band headstall by Chavez. $ 190
Matching breast collar by Chavez. $ 225


   Loping Hackamore designed by Eitan and made by Dale Chavez

You've got to love this! A beautiful, quality loping hackamore that is more than just work equipment. Perfect for starting young horses and for transitioning to the next step. The unique design allows for the use of a direct and indirect rein that you do not get from a regular hackamore.

You have a horse hair mecate split rein with tooled leather poppers to add to the overall look. A  Theodor is added to complete the hackamore.

A limited supply in stock. Can be ordered. As shown priced at $195 plus tax and shipping when applicable.

For ordering or purchasing information contact: or 530-346-2715




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